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  • Qifi-Charged Cotton 1 lb

Qifi-Charged Cotton 1 lb roll


Product Description

By Herbs and More.  Quantum Healing

Q:  What is Qifi-Charged Cotton?  

A:  Charged cotton appears to support Quantum Healing.  


Q:  How does it do this?  

A:  WE DO NOT KNOW.  We just know that it does.  We feel that the cotton is charged with positive life-force energy, or CHI (or QI.)


Q:  What is a Qifi?  

A:  We sell them too.  Check out this link for our services.


Q:  How does it "feel"?  

A:  We find that it "feels" cooling, soft, and comforting.



  • Helps to reduce pain and discomfort.
  • Apply to tumor sites, as it appears to draw some level of dis-ease energy out of the body in some people.
  • Apply to other health challenges to support progress of therapy.

How to use: 

Use it on problem areas for up to ten (10) days, or until you no longer feel a "difference." Never share energetically-charged cotton with another person.  You can move charged cotton from one focus point to another. Once the "charge" is gone, throw it away.

Long Story!

When we learned about charge cotton, it was through a Healing Hands Seminar.  At first, we were hand-charging the pure cotton.  That was labor intensive and time consuming.  We never seemed to have enough cotton charged for the people who visit our office.  So when we sat down to discuss how to achieve this goal more simply. We came up with our Quantumwave Lasers, since they provide Quantum Healing frequency as well.  We proceeded to take the laser, and charge part of the roll, then move it again, and charge the middle, then move it again and charge the other end.  But that was inefficient and time consuming too.  

Then we received our QIFI, which has many of the same features of the laser, and enables us to broadcast the charging frequency to a room-level.  We started charging the cotton for 24 hours, but the middle of the roll was not charged.  We sent charged rolls to determine how much of the roll was being charged. Then we began charging for 36 hours.  Now, we are charging the rolls for 72 hours.

So now we are able to energetically charge a whole box of cotton all at the same time.  And it is a beautiful thing.

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